Alloys for Aerospace, Marine,  and Defense

In order for the military to be at their best, it is essential  that the tools and equipment provided, exceed the quality of those of the rest of the World. That all starts with the raw materials used for  fabrication.

We must ensure the material going into production meets the strict  standards and specifications defined by the U.S. DOD. Fortunately, when you choose PME to be your metal supplier for military and defense related projects, you will be left with  zero doubts. Doing business with PME ensures that you will  receive the proper alloy, specs, revisions,  tolerances , packaging , etc. We will make certain all of the stringent demands of the War Fighter will be met. 

Metals are used in many different capacities- Land, Air and Sea. Armor for the hulls of Vehicles, High pressure Steels for Submarines and Aircraft Carriers. Hi Temp Metals for Turbines in the Fighter Jets.. Quenched Steels for Body Armor. It is hard to find any vital part of a military operation where metals are not incorporated. . 

Regardless of whether you manufacture jet engines, rotor shafts,  Mine Resistant vehicles or the smallest piece of equipment for defense applications, PME will provide you with the high quality materials you need. We have long been a leader in the Defense  industry. Above all else, we place a premium on customer service. We also provide custom options and solutions  based on the drawings and requirements provided for your job.  To learn more about how we can help supply you with the metals you need for defense applications, or to receive a free quote or consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Precision Metals and Engineering, LLC.