Ballistic Armor Plate

Military Grade | Aluminum | Steel

MIL-DTL-46027 | MIL-DTL-46083 | MIL-DTL-32262 | MIL-DTL-46063 |MIL-DTL-32375 | MIL-DTL-12560 | MIL-DTL-46100

Military Grade Ballistic Armor Plate

PME is a proud supplier of Aluminum and Steel Armor Plate to the US Military and its sub-contractors. All the Aluminum Armor has been tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and is then used in vehicles such as the MRAP, JLTV, Humvee, Bradley and many more. These plates protect our troops during wartime from IED's and other ballistic enemy threats.

We can offer the Ballistic Tested plate in the following Alloys:

Aluminum: 5083-H131, 5059-H131, 5059-H136, 6061-T651, 7085-T711, 7039-T64

Steel: 12560 , 46100, 46177

We have been working with many of the major teir one subcontractors and the US Military for years, accomodating and helping research their metal armor needs. Please think of PME for these products to ensure you are working with the correct materials. We would be glad to help.