Red Metals

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Red Metals for Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution

PME has partnered with the best Domestic and DFARS mills and alloy manufactures in the world. We are able to pull from huge inventories of brass, bronze and specialty copper alloys. Whether it be C110, C172, C464, C706, C715, or a more rare alloy, please let Precision Metals and Engineering, LLC help with your Red Metal requirements.

We provide the below types of metals in Bar, Sheet/Plate, Wire, Pipe, Tube and Specialty profiles.


    • Red Brass

    • Yellow Brass

    • Lead Free Brass

    • Leaded Brass

    • Naval Brass

    • Free Machining Brass


    • Nickel Aluminum Bronze

    • Silicon Aluminum Bronze

    • Silicon Bronze

    • Nickel Silicon Bronze

    • Nickel Silver Bronze

    • Nickel Tin Bronze

    • Aluminum Bronze

    • Leaded Bronze

    • Phosphor Bronze

    • Manganese Bronze

    • Tin Bronze

    • Lead Free Bronze


    • Beryllium Copper

    • Oxygen Free Copper

    • Cadmium Copper

    • Leaded Copper

    • Chromium Copper

    • Copper Nickel

    • Other Coppers

  • Continuous Cast Alloys