Alloy Steel

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Alloy steel is one of the most versatile steels in the world, with a diverse range of properties and specifications.

Used in a variety of exotic mission-critical applications that demand superior performance under high pressure environments. Alloy steel is steel that alloyed with a wide variety of elements—from as little as 1% to as much as 50%—by weight, with each combination improving the steel’s mechanical properties. Its versatility makes it the alloy of choice for use in aerospace, spacecraft, and nuclear reactors. Alloy steel can be fabricated to almost any density for a wide variety of strength specifications. PME has decades-long experience as a supplier of the high-quality, reliable alloy steel. Our clients can expect a diverse range of alloy steel in any form necessary, including plates, sheets, bars, tubing, pipes, and wire products. PME also provides alloy steel in any thickness, width, length, and grade necessary, providing you with options completely tailored to your needs. We can provide both high-alloy and low-alloy steels, combined with alloyants such as manganese, nickel, chromium, titanium, tungsten, and lead. Our alloy steels can be fabricated and treated for any necessary characteristic including strength, hardness, toughness, corrosion and wear resistance. I

All these items can be heat treated to meet you required specifications.

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