High Temp and Super Alloys

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High-Temp and Nickle Alloy for All Your Military and Aerospace Needs

High temperature resistance is essential in many applications. Gas turbines, fuel nozzles, heat treating fixtures, and furnace muffles. These materials must stand up to high heat, extreme oxidation potential and cycling.

Finding materials that can cope with challenging environments can be tricky, especially when the need for reliable performance even under protracted stress is absolutely essential. As a long term provider of high-temperature alloys to a range of industrial sectors, we offer not only premium grade high alloy solutions, but can also provide a wealth of specialist knowledge and genuinely helpful customer service.

We Understand the Needs of the Defense Industry

We owe our success to a combination of good quality products, plenty of specialist knowledge and an enthusiastic team that welcome the opportunity to provide what you need to achieve your objectives. In addition to supplying high alloy, we can also process your order in a variety of different ways, ensuring it's ready for use once it reaches you. We can undertake drilling, planing, shearing, honing, chemical milling and more. Just let us know what you need and we'll get the job done

Meeting critical military needs:

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